Monday, October 26, 2009

Do You need some cute little clay buttons to fancy up an old cardigan?

...or these?
Then come along to the Guerrilla Craft Market, December 12.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who says functional objects cant also be stupid?

Take this beautifully adorned clock radio for example. Prior to its adornment with shells it worked perfectly, but now it glows no more. How stupid is that? Sad really.

Luckily the same cannot be said of this unique customised kazoo. Not only does it have a distinct look that will attract crowds of admirers, but is still in superb working order.

And how about this little beauty? In readiness for any celebration, simply light candle and celebrate!

Everyone will want want of these "King Neptune Knife Racks", but alas, there is only one currently in existence. A very special piece of tasteful, functional design.

And what could be more stupid than a buttoned mortar & pestle? Maybe a bejeweled cupcake or a piece of cheese with pants on......or many things, come to think of it. Suddenly a buttoned mortar & pestle is seeming quite the thing!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We get dirty making it so why not get dirty selling it?

Today, being a craftsperson involves thinking outside of the homogenous industrial design that infiltrates our modern lives.

Craftspeople take risks, putting their thoughts into three dimensions and then putting that in the public realm for critical scrutiny.

Apart from being excruciatingly exposed, new materials, new ideas all involve time ( at the cost of other earning activities ) and the possibility of failure - but also promise the delicious double edge of success. So exciting to realize in front of you, the thought that has been keeping you awake at night for months!

Guerrilla aims to keep alive some of that tension and creativity by presenting locally made crafts in an edgy and vibrant way, avoiding the static bright lights and hubris of the gallery space and just get out there… if we remove the expense and the tedium of gallery hanging then we have more time to make crazy objects for you !

Guerrilla will select a secret location and appear there for two hours only, using makeshift props to display their wares. Buyers form part of this performance sale at the mystery marketplace made available to you through the blog that morning.

Marie Littlewood

Friday, October 16, 2009

dog brooches

Lesa Farrant
Lesa Farrant

Cat Cameo's

Lesa Farrant

The Guerrilla Craft Market market will be on Saturday December 12, 2009 between 10 am-12 midday (some where in Adelaide).
We will list the location of the sale on the blog site at 7 am December 12.

We will continue to post Images of the craft works that will be for sale at the Guerrilla Craft Market.